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75 Glorious Years Of Freedom....Let's Celebrate Independence Day!

by Dupatta Bazaar on August 12, 2022

Celebrating 75 years of Independence!

India has been independent for 75 years now! Let that sink in. Having been a part of this culturally rich and diverse nation for 75 whole years surely swells up my chest with pride. There is nowhere else I would have been born other than India- always brimming with hospitality, humility, emotions and celebrations. Oh, when it comes to celebrations, we always like to go all out and when you are celebrating ‘SEVENTY-FIVE years of your nation’s birthday, you cannot and should not do basic!

Firstly, this day is an ode to our national leaders & paying our respects to them – from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Babasaheb Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh and many others who fought against the ruthless Britishers for the political and administrative rights of the people.

It is, thanks to the bravery and efforts of these men, that we are able to breathe in the air of freedom. Aren’t our hearts full of patriotism when the Tricolor is hailed high up in the sky, merging beautifully with the blue skies. The overwhelming emotions are hard to comprehend but we sure as hell can dress up to give a glimpse of patriotism in our hearts. 

Now, I have already put in the work to make the perfect Independence Day outfit for you. 

Here are two picks to help showcase the patriot in you, whilst maintaining your Instagram feed aesthetic. 😉

This Tri Colour Tiranga Bandhini Silk Dupatta is a stow stealer for two reasons. Firstly the Bandhani print represents our Indian handicrafts/craftsmen and secondly, silk fabric exudes oodles of elegance without even trying. 


Our second pick Tiranga Chiffon Dupatta with Embroidery is the most fuss free Dupatta, thanks to the chiffon fabric. Now, do not do the mistake of considering it light in quality as well. Fully embroidered, it truly is a stunner when styled right. 


 Now is the time to drop unique ways for style your Dupatta, subject to your personal style.

If you prefer wearing a Kurti, drape it like a Dupatta. Add intricately designed Juttis and oxidized jewellery to ampup the look. 

If you prefer your good ‘ol pair of denims, style it like a scarf. Preferable wear a white bodysuit or a well fitted top to give structure to the body.  

If you prefer a dress, tie it around like a cape or stole. Don’t forget to add cute tie-up sandals and earrings in any shade of the Tricolor.  


To be honest, no matter how well you style or drape your Tricolor Dupatta, it’s the thought that counts. The love and patriotism you have in your heart is above and beyond anything. Of course, adding in a beautiful Tricolor Dupatta to the mix is the cherry on the cake.

With that, wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day. Let’s pledge that the labour of our past heroes shall not be in vain. Proud to be an Indian! 



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