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Welcome to à la mode Dupatta haven for contemporary woman where we let the ladies go to Bazaars, but from the comfort of their couch and a touch on the screen. Since our core focus lies solely on one product i.e. Dupattas, we certainly have the largest assortment of Dupattas to choose from, thus making us the largest Dupatta-selling brand. From casual to chic, traditional to contemporary, be rest assured that there is no design of Dupatta “not available” in this Bazaar.

The essence of Dupatta Bazaar lies in amalgamating Indian fashion with a modish quirk in every drape and design. This is an ode to our Indian heritage whilst allowing women to play around with fashion as per their myriad moods and tones.

Founded in 2011 and based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Dupatta Bazaar is a trusted marketplace for women all over the world to “match, add to cart and buy” themselves stunning Dupattas for every foreseeable event in a matter of  few minutes.

The idea for a platform that sells Dupattas exclusively popped when we saw women thronging to multiple retail outlets to buy matching Dupattas for their outfits. Now that’s where Dupatta Bazaar comes to your rescue, ladies! No more awkward bargaining in the scorching summer heat! Our main goal is to provide impeccable quality at affordable prices for our ladies of the house and working woman alike.

From Bandhani to Bandhej, Lucknowi to Banarasi, Dupatta Bazaar has launched more than 2,500 designs of unique Dupattas. Whether you are off to a casual event or an evening soirée, be rest assured that Dupatta Bazaar has got you covered (quite literally!). Our in-house designing team is brainstorming exclusive designs every single day of the year to serve you looks that are bold yet classy, flamboyant yet elegant, traditional yet futuristic.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy crafting beautiful drapes for your myriad moods and days!

~ Dupatta Bazaar