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Adding Luxury to Your Attire---Banarasi Dupattas

by Dupatta Bazaar on February 27, 2021

The word “Banarasi” almost instantly infuses a spirit of extravagance and royalty. Originating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Mughals brought this fine craftsmanship in India. With a mention in the Mahabharata and in the Buddhist scriptures in the first millennium, Banarasi silk has its roots seeped into the rich cultural history of India.

Styling a Banarasi is tricky yet something that if done right, can ignite your outfit on fire (not literally though!) From the common (wo)man to the big wigs of the Bollywood, every woman has worn the Banarasi saree at least once. It’s common knowledge that Banarasi sarees are a woman’s go-to for any wedding soirée and the market offers them in abundance too. However, if you’re someone who wants to look like royalty minus the hassles of managing a saree, we have got a savior for you, a Banarasi fabric but without six yards of hassles. Yes, you guessed it right! A Banarasi Dupatta it is, indeed.

Let’s hop onto some great Banarasi Dupatta options that you can flaunt during the upcoming wedding season, without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Have a neutral old gown that you have worn multiple times & dare not repeat again? We get it, which is why we have got this beautiful red Banarasi Dupatta for you. Just drape it in which ever style speaks best to you and voila, you’ve got an entirely new outfit to flaunt. Carry this royal Dupatta with lighter hues (particularly beige and white tones) and you’re sure to steal the show.
  • Carrying forward the versatility of black, whether it’s a gown or a plain anarkali kurta, trust a black Banarasi Dupatta to work it’s (black) magic through the night. Since it’s black, you could pick almost any colour of gown/kurta to pair it with. Add a pair of kohl rimmed eyes to the mix and let the crowd be spellbound through the night!
  • Some woman may find the Banarasi print very traditional and ‘for the married lot’. However, let me assure you that y’all are quite mistaken. Check out this graceful Banarasi Dupatta in the shade of pure elegance. Yes, white it is! If this doesn’t scream sheer youthfulness then nothing ever can! The understated Banarasi work on white looks ethereal and beautiful, to say the least. Perfect for any morning shenanigans, where you don’t want to look too dressed up or dressed down. I think I’m too much in love this beauty to not buy it. I’ll brb, gotta add to cart. I hope you do it.

We loved putting together this ‘all about Banarasi’ blog for you. Here’s hoping you found it informative and fun to read too.

We’ll be back super soon with yet another blog. Till then, don’t forget to ‘add to cart’ all your favourite Dupatta from our ‘Bazaar’.

~ Regards

Dupatta Bazaar


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