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Eid Gifting Ideas

by Dupatta Bazaar on April 26, 2022

If I ask you what is that one thing you love the most about India, what would your answer be? For me, it would definitely be ‘the beauty in its diversity.’ India’s diversity is a live specimen to other nations that all races, cultures, and creeds get along just fine, as long as individuality is embraced. Honestly, it’s mesmerizing as well as enlightening to see the elaborate festivities of different cultures and if you get a chance to become a part of other people’s cultures and festivals, nothing like it!

I, for one, am lucky enough to have a best friend who belongs to the Muslim community and have the absolute pleasure of ravishing “Meethi Seviyan”, also known as Vermicelli which is prepared on Eid, celebrated to bid adieu to the sacred month of Ramzan.  Eid 2022  is round the corner and I am all set to hog this year too. However, my only concern was that I was clueless as to what to gift my friend on Eid, something meaningful and useful which can be used throughout the year.

 As I was brainstorming ideas, a sudden image flashed across my mind of her family members and there was something common in all. Guess what? A Dupatta! There we go, we found our gift. Though this is only just the beginning as now we gotta look for the perfect Dupattas for her entire family. So hop along with me as I choose the perfect Eid gift. Who knows, you might get an idea or two for your Eid gifts too and if not that, surprising yourself every once a while doesn’t hurt too. 😉

So let’s start with the OG, that is choosing a Dupatta for my best friend. If you’re something like her, you would like something elegant and simple. Something that’s definitely NOT over the top yet classy. I browsed on Dupatta Bazaar and found the perfect match.

This “Embroidered Gold Glass Tissue Dupatta with Mirror Work” is a  sight to behold! What made me 200% sure that this was the right choice was the fact that this Dupatta will brighten up just about any monochrome outfit. Best friend duties done right? Check.

Now, we shall browse some for my aunt, that is my best friend’s mother. Like most Muslim woman, she uses Dupatta’s as scarves (Hijaab) to cover her head,  so I’m definitely going to look for a multi utility Dupatta. 

This “Multicoloured Digital Printed Silk Gotta Patti Dupatta” is a splatter of soothing pastels to the eyes. Just like a mother brings colour to our lives and her role in our lives cannot be restricted to one, this Dupatta so subtly reminds me of just that –  colourful because that’s what mothers make our lives and  the different colours representing a mother’s various roles. Also, this being an extremely light weight Dupatta is an added bonus as it can easily be worn as Hijab too. Win win!

Now coming to her elder sister who recently got married, I’m going to look for something to add to her bridal glow. Umm, let’s see what we got..

This “Maroon Velvet Embroidered Dupatta with Gold Motifs all over” is not only the perfect pick for Eid, but also perfect for her first Eid as a new bride. So regal and luxurious, this one is surely going to leave her husband in awe of her. ;)

Younger sisters are the naughtiest but the most adorable of all. Something girly and lightweight for a girl her age would be the best fit.


This “Lucknowi Embroidered Olive Green Net Dupatta” caught my eye solely for the stunning colour that it is. Moreover the net fabric is extremely easy to handle thus making it non fussy. Flawless embroidery and elegance , that’s what this one brings to the table.

Last but not the least, who said Dupattas are only for woman? We believe in equality (*wink*) and hence, my uncle is definitely  the last but not the least to receive his Eid gift.

This “Men's Black Ajrakh Stole” looks extremely royal to begin with. If you thought Dupattas are a feminine garment, look again! This one exudes equal amounts masculinity and oomph. A beautiful blend of Ajrakh print, the colours make sure you look extremely understated yet handsome. Loved this one so much, might just get one for my Dad too ;)

 With this, I am sorted with my Eid gifting spree from my one stop shop, Dupatta Bazaar. This was honestly a breeze thanks to the colossal stock of Dupattas available on their website.

Before singing off, here’s hoping this Eid God floods your life with happiness, your heart with love, your soul with spiritual and your mind with wisdom. Wishing everyone a very Happy Eid- “Eid Mubarak”



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