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In love with Sarongs.......

by Dupatta Bazaar on June 02, 2022

First off, taking permission for a trip from my parents is a task and once I accomplished that, I still can’t be happy! Why, you ask?  Now there is strict budget for the trip that I’ve to abide by. Isn’t that great? I mean is it even a trip if I don’t wear pretty summery dresses and skirts and click pictures by the beach? I might as well not go.

This was my mindset just two days before the trip and before my best friend came to my rescue. She should be the awarded the “fashion on budget award” for sure (besides the “bff award”!)

She introduced me to the world of “Sarongs” which is an English loanword of Malay origin meaning 'to cover' or 'to sheath'. It is a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped round the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpits, traditionally worn in SE Asia and now also by women in the West.

Cutting short to 30 seconds later, I logged onto Dupatta Bazaar’s “sarong” section, adding to cart dresses, skirts and tops for my trip. Confused? Read on to find out how!


  • Pretty dresses for the win!

When I say you can style a sarong as a dress, you might think I might have fallen upside down yesterday but wait up, don’t be so quick to judge. You’re not ready for what you’re about to witness!

This “Black & Multicolor Satin Sarong” is about to be transformed into a dress. Don’t believe me? Here’s how!


Yes it’s the same piece of clothing. Unbelievable right? The ‘ front bow knot dress’ or the ‘halter neck dress’? Thanks to the gorgeous print, both the styles give such chic and bohemian vibes that my nomadic heart just wants to pack and head to Bali, right away! Which one is your pick?


  • Belt it up!

Now the easiest thing to find in a woman’s wardrobe is a goddamn belt. We all have one lying about in the corners of the house. So pick that forgotten old belt up for we are going to revamp a sarong using your belt and make you look like a Diva!



This “White & Blue Printed Satin Blend Sarong” when cinched with a belt not only makes you look slimmer but gives more definition to the overall body without being revealing too! Darling, let the winds blow, for your belt with keep your dearest sarong in tow.


  •  Ruffles make my heart flutter

You’d be shook at the number of ways a ruffled sarong can look strikingly hot. A skirt? Check. A top? Check that too! Now I know you’ll need proofs to believe me, so keep sliding.


This “Ruffle Chiffon Sarong Tie Up

Skirt” is the most adorable  thing I’ve seen this summer. So the ‘cutest ruffled skirt’ or the ‘one shoulder ruffled top’- what sets your heart ruffling?

The beautiful summer shades and the versatility of this one makes it both endearing and appealing, to the eye and the pockets!


  • Shrug it off!

One clothing item I swear by, is a shrug. Just throw in a pop coloured shrug over a monochromatic outfit and it elevates the entire look up by notches. Do you know the best part though? Now you don’t have to purchase an actual shrug to have one. You don’t get it do you? Hold on…


This “Flamingo Printed Crepe Sarong” is tropical dream. The pop of pink, green and blue is to die for! Wear just about any outfit and throw this beauty on top as a shrug , and I can guarantee all eyes will be on the flamingoes (just kidding lol!) 


  • No Brallets? No holiday.

 Well yes, that’s how we girls adore our fun and funky Brallets especially on a holiday. But wait.. imagine that you forgot to carry yours because last minute packing is a habit you can’t get rid of. Would be awful isn’t it? Well here’s a life hack you won’t be able to to stop thanking me for! Ta-da!!

First off, two minutes of silence for the vision this  “Chikankari Embroidered Yellow Chiffon Sarong” is. Just tie this beautifully   embroidered sarong in a sutble front knot and  you have the most beautiful brallet you’ve ever seen. Just how resplendent and unique, right?  You’d be turning heads left right and centre girl, I promise.

Personally sarongs have changed my life . They’re way too versatile and stylish. Once you discover these beauties, it’s hard to resist them every time you feel like heading out. They can used for something  as basic as a headscarf to something as chic as a brallete. Phew, what else do you expect from one single piece of clothing? I’m forever scrolling Dupatta Bazaar for sarongs and after this blog, I hope you do too.


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