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Parsi Gara Work Dupattas- An epitome of Beauty!

by Dupatta Bazaar on August 13, 2022

This is India and we never get tired of celebrating! Having celebrated Raksha Bandhan with all our siblings was pure love and laughter. There is such purity in these relationships that the bond remains unsurpassable and of course, the sweet pleasure of receiving gifts is definitely an added bonus. To all my lovely girls - need help on how to utilize the ample amounts of cash you received? Well, let me help you.

Now, it’s time you focus on the next big thing, the Parsi New Year. We girls just need a reason to dress up, am I right or am I right? So, let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful forms of embroidery I’ve encountered- Gara work. Gara embroidery came into our design lexicon at a time when the Parsis from India would travel to China for trade. Legend says that one of the traders brought back a new kind of artistic embroidery, which was very realistic in its depiction of flora and fauna. (the Gara embroidery). The Parsi community wanted a certain new look—and they adopted the Gara saris as their signature thus commemorating the name  - The Parsi Gara work.

Now that we’ve established the origin, it’s time for the big reveal. I can bet on the fact that you won’t be exiting this page without buying at least one Parsi Gara work Dupatta for the upcoming Parsi New Year.

Presenting are our top 3 picks –


This Parsi Gara Thread Work Embroidered Georgette & Multicolour Dupatta is the quintessential display of Parsi Gara work and it’s exuberance. Intricate thread work in an amalgamation of beautiful hues over the royal maroon hue – this is no less than a “painting in thread”.


When I said you wouldn’t be exiting without buying at least one Dupatta, I actually meant it! You may now release your breath. Yeah, the one that was caught in your throat when you saw this Embroidered Parsi Gara Work Georgette Dupatta White Thread Work. Magnificently breath taking, no person in their right mind can NOT love this delicate white embroidered beauty. A visual treat, indeed!

You didn’t really think we could end this article without showcasing a Dupatta in white, did you? This Embroidered Parsi Gara Georgette Multicolour Thread Work Dupatta is all things dainty and delicate. If you’re aiming for a subtle look that’s a head turner at the same time- THIS IS IT. Especially for a daytime event, there is no better colour than white with intricate floral embroidery.


Celebrate this Parsi New Year in true Parsi style and spirit by adorning yourself in this gorgeous Parsi Gara work Dupattas. Here’s to promoting Indian handicraft and craftsmen whose art not only looks beautiful, but feels exquisite too.


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