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Phulkari- Vibrant Colours of Punjab

by Dupatta Bazaar on March 21, 2021

 If you picture a Punjabi girl who’s bubbly, happy go lucky, exuding warmth and charm in equal measures, wouldn’t you dress her up EXACTLY like Kareena aka Geet? We sure would. Apart from her impeccable acting chops, it’s the beautiful Phulkari work outfit that she’s adorning that works like a charm, adding a thousand more hues to her already colourful personality!

Phulkari literally means working with flowers, an embroidery technique using floral themes. Phulkari artwork is often associated with Sikh heritage. History has mentions about Phulkari being brought to India by the ‘Jats’ of Central Asia in ancient times. However, it has become synonymous with Punjab where as soon as a girl was born in a family, the mother, grandmother and other womenfolk of the household would start embroidering Phulkari for her to be given away as a part of her wedding trousseau in the 15th century.

Phulkari suits and Dupatta impart you a colourful personality by combining the charm of each thread beautifully. It has so many varied colour combinations to pick up from, no two woman can own the EXACT same Phulkari Dupatta in their wardrobe, and that’s always a bonus! (Read on, we have proved it for you!). Coming back to the 21st century, it has become a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe.

 Here’s why:

  • If you have to dress up yet look effortless, take cues from our in-house ‘Sanskari Sara’. I mean all she has done is throw on a Phulkari Dupatta over a plain white cotton salwar kameez and voilà, she’s (TOO) good to go!

  • Here’s another beauty from Bollywood who’s dressed in the exact same kind of white salwar kameez but can you say they look anything close to similar? No, right? That’s because, like I mentioned earlier, no two Phulkari Dupattas will impart you the same look ever. There’s too much play with colours in this artwork hence providing something unique for everyone!

Moving on, now that we’ve convinced you how versatile this piece of artwork is, it’s not fair to end this blog without showing you our top favourite Phulkari Dupattas from Dupatta Bazaar’s collection. So without further ado, let’s hop onto the bandwagon of ‘Punjabi Kudi' favourites-

  1. This beautiful white chiffon Phulkari Dupatta is what dreams are made of. I mean the colour combination screams class, elegance and charming at the same time. I don’t think it’s fair to expect MORE than this from one Dupatta.

  1. IF you are the star of every show, light of every room and the centre of attention wherever you go, then this muti coloured Dupatta is made for you, because it is ALL THAT and more!

  1. What? You thought all Phulkari Dupattas have to be full of colours? Well, let’s break your misconception by introducing you to this beautiful black Phulkari Dupatta which screams royalty and magnificence. Since it’s black, I really don’t feel the need to tell you why you need to get this one! (read the first 2 words again) *wink*

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this little something about Phulkari Dupattas. We assure you that you’re sure to find ‘THE ONE’ for you very easily, amongst some impeccable options. We would love to see how you style yours.



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