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Rakhsbandhan- Gifting Ideas

by Dupatta Bazaar on July 12, 2022

No matter how many friends you have in the world, your secrets are best kept with none other than your siblings. That one person you can trust with your life, your partner in crime, your 3 am Maggi partner and last but not the least, your biggest confidant and supporter right from the moment you breathed your first. Your siblings can swiftly transition from your parents to your ‘BFF’ in a matter of a few minutes and become the ‘Tom to your Jerry’ before you bat an eyelid. The beauty, purity and innocence of this relationship remains unapparelled.

In India, we have a beautiful festival to celebrate this pious bond wherein sisters tie a Rakhi on their brother’s wrist as a token of promise to pray for her brother and the brother vows to protect his sister in return. This is traditionally known as “Raksha Bandhan” where Raksha means “protection” and Bandhan means “to tie.” Hold on, we haven’t come to the best part yet which is *drumroll* - GIFTS! The brothers also gift their sisters on Raksha Bandhan as a gesture to show their love.

Now gifting girls- whether it is your mother, sister or gf is always an uphill task which is why, Dupatta Bazaar is here to your rescue. Also sharing a secret that’s to be closely guarded – it’s Dupatta Bazaar’s birthday month wherein you can avail up to a whopping 60% off! Use coupon code “BIRTHDAY20” to avail amazing discounts.

Now, let’s hop onto your best bets to pick this Rakshabandhan that is sure to brighten up your sister’s day. If you are a girl reading this, forward this article to your brothers shamelessly, girlies!


  • Royalty

First and foremost, this Parsi Gara Thread Work Embroidered Georgette Black & Multicolour Dupatta should be your pick without a moment’s doubt if you want to take her breath away (metaphorically only!). The intricately embroidered thread work over the black base not only looks aesthetically pleasing but can be styled in innumerable ways. When in doubt, always pick black. Always!


  • Newly Wed!

If your sister recently got married then this Banarasi Silk Dupatta with floral design. is designed just for new brides. The woven design and the scintillating pink colour will make sure she looks just as amazing as she feels. Yeah, thank me later! 


  • Bubbly

Is your sister the centre of attention wherever she goes? Does her personality shine through in a room full of people? If yes, then this Lotus Printed Pichwai Dupatta With Ruffles is made for her. The ruffles, florals and the pretty pink will collectively complement her loud but charming personality with effervescence.


  • Subtle

Subtle, elegant, understated, subdued, lowkey- Do these words resonate with your sister and describe her personality? If you reply in the affirmative, I am sure your sister will never vocally say out loud what she wants but don’t despair for we found just the right choice for you to make sure you become her favourite brother for life *wink*. Check out this Cream & Yellow Hand Painted Pure Cotton Dupatta – what a sight to behold, right? Go gift this to your sister and see her smiling from ear to ear all day long!


 I have covered quite a few personalities here, but my ultimate advice would be to go with your heart and mind while choosing the perfect Dupatta for your sister. After all, no one knows your Jerry better than her Tom. With that, I wish everyone a very gleeful Rakshabhandan, filled with loads of love, laughter and of course, gifts!





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