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Embroidered (44)

Silk Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work

Rs. 599Rs. 1,199

Embellished Chiffon Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work

Rs. 1,099Rs. 1,699

Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Pink Phulkari Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 399

Embroidered Glass Tissue Dupatta with Gold Cutwork

Rs. 1,299Rs. 2,999

Floral Lucknowi Embroidered Net dupatta

Rs. 699Rs. 1,999

Phulkari Style Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 899

Cotton Chanderi Dupatta with Sequins Weaving

Rs. 599Rs. 1,499

Embellished & Embroidered Chanderi Dupatta

Rs. 699Rs. 1,499

Organza Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work

Rs. 699Rs. 1,299

Shaded Organza Dupatta with Gotta Work

Rs. 799Rs. 1,999

Embellished Pink Chiffon Dupatta.

Rs. 399Rs. 699

Chiffon Dupatta with Gold Embroidery

Rs. 750Rs. 1,499

Embroidered Pink Net Dupatta.

Rs. 549Rs. 899

Pink Chiffon Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work.

Rs. 399Rs. 799

Scalloped Velvet Dupatta with Gold Embroidery

Rs. 1,799Rs. 3,999

Velvet Dupatta with Floral Embroidery

Rs. 1,899Rs. 3,999

Dupatta Bazaar Woman's Pink Chiffon Dupatta with Mirror Work.

Rs. 549Rs. 999

Embroidered Net Dupatta with Scallops

Rs. 999Rs. 2,999

Rani Pink Chiffon Dupatta with Gold Embroidery

Rs. 750Rs. 1,499

Pink & Multicoloured Chiffon Phulkari Dupatta.

Rs. 399Rs. 899

Pink Embellished Net Dupatta.

Rs. 899Rs. 1,699

Rani Pink & Gold Embroidered Net Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Ivory & Pink Cotton Embroidered Net Dupatta

Rs. 849Rs. 1,399

Woven Organza Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 799

Embellished Net Dupatta with Ruffle Lace

Rs. 449Rs. 999

Gold Embroidered & Embellished Net Dupatta

Rs. 749Rs. 1,999

Pink Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 549Rs. 999

Pink Shimmer Dupatta

Rs. 899Rs. 1,499

Emroidered Rani Pink Net Gotta Patti Dupatta

Rs. 949Rs. 1,899

Embroidered Pink Chiffon Dupatta.

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Embroidered Net Dupatta with Sequins Work.

Rs. 749Rs. 1,399

Chiffon Dupatta with Lucknowi Embroidery

Rs. 799Rs. 1,499

Embroidered Pink Organza Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 799

Pink & Gold Embellished Net Dupatta

Rs. 699Rs. 1,399

Embroidered Rani Pink Chiffon Sarong.

Rs. 399Rs. 899