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women dupattas (56)

Gold Cotton Silk Dupatta

Rs. 299Rs. 599

Gold Butti Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 399

Plain Chiffon Dupatta with lace

Rs. 249Rs. 399

Embellished Chiffon Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work

Rs. 1,099Rs. 1,699

All Over Embroidered Net Dupatta

Rs. 899Rs. 1,899

Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 499Rs. 1,199

Ivory Embroidered Cotton Kota Doria dupatta

Rs. 599Rs. 1,099

Sequin Embroidered Net Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 999

Gold Embellished Net Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Gold Blended Silk dupatta

Rs. 349Rs. 699

Organza Dupatta with Gold Embroidery.

Rs. 499Rs. 899

Beige Silk Dupatta

Rs. 300Rs. 449

Gold Cotton Silk Dupatta with Gold Border.

Rs. 299Rs. 599

Ivory Kota Doria Lucknowi Dupatta

Rs. 549Rs. 1,099

Ivory Dupatta with Lucknowi Embroidery.

Rs. 699Rs. 899

Embellished Beige Chiffon Dupatta.

Rs. 399Rs. 699

Beige Chiffon Dupatta with Gold Gotta Patti Work.

Rs. 399Rs. 699

Beige Bandhini Silk dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 799

Dupatta Bazaar Woman's Gold Net Dupatta with Embroidered Motifs.

Rs. 699Rs. 1,399

Beige Chiffon Dupatta with Multicoloured Pompom

Rs. 349Rs. 599

Off White Dupatta with Lucknowi Embroidery.

Rs. 699Rs. 899

Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta With Tassels

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Woven Organza Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 799

Beige Embrodiered Chiffon dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 899

Cotton Gold & Black Silk Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 599

White Embellished Net Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Printed Art Silk Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 899

Embroidered Net Dupatta.

Rs. 549Rs. 899

Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta with Delicate Sequins

Rs. 499Rs. 999

Dupatta Bazaar Woman's Combo Of 3 Silk Dupattas

Rs. 549Rs. 999

Organza Dupatta Off White.

Rs. 499Rs. 899

Chiffon Dupatta with Dew Drops

Rs. 399Rs. 999

Beige & Gold Woven Cotton Blend Dupatta

Rs. 399Rs. 549

Gold Silk Woven Dupatta

Rs. 299

Beige Cotton Silk Printed Dupatta

Rs. 349Rs. 599

Beige Phulkari Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 549Rs. 1,199

Gold Silk Woven Dupatta

Rs. 399

Multicolour Embroidered Dupatta

Rs. 599Rs. 949

Beige & Red Printed Silk Dupatta

Rs. 649Rs. 1,099

Embroidered Beige Blended Silk Dupatta.

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Gold Embroidered Georgette Dupatta

Rs. 899Rs. 2,399

Gold Organza Jute Border Dupatta

Rs. 699Rs. 1,149

Ivory Cotton dupatta with Golden Paisley Embroidery

Rs. 549Rs. 1,699

Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta.

Rs. 449Rs. 899

Beige Embroidered Striped Organza Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 799

Beige Cotton Silk Printed Dupatta

Rs. 349Rs. 599

Turquoise Blue Organza Dupatta.

Rs. 499Rs. 899

Beige & Pink Floral Printed Blended Silk Dupatta.

Rs. 499Rs. 1,099

Embroidered Blended Silk Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work

Rs. 599Rs. 1,299

Embroidered Beige Chiffon Dupatta.

Rs. 599Rs. 899

Embroidered Beige Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 499Rs. 999

Beige Woven Organza Dupatta

Rs. 299Rs. 799

Beige Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta

Rs. 449Rs. 999

Organza Dupatta Bottle Green.

Rs. 499Rs. 899

Printed Beige & Black Silk Dupatta.

Rs. 349Rs. 749

Beige Chiffon Dupatta with Gotta Patti Work.

Rs. 499Rs. 999