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The word dupatta is a combination of 'du-' meaning two, and 'patta' meaning strip of cloth, originally from Sanskrit. Some believe the origin of the dupatta can be traced to the Indus valley civilization in Indian subcontinent, where the use of textiles such as ajrak was highly prevalent. A Dupatta is a long, multi-purpose scarf that is essential to many South Asian women's suits and matches the woman's garments.The dupatta has long been a symbol of modesty in South Asian dress.

While that symbolism still continues, many today wear it as just a decorative accessory. There is no single way of wearing the dupatta, and as time evolves and fashion modernizes, the style of the dupatta has also evolved. Another recent trend is the short dupatta, which is more a scarf or a stole, often worn with kurtas and Indo-Western clothing. Essentially, the dupatta is often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion.

When entering a mosque, mandir, dargah, church or gurdwara  it is the habit in the Indian subcontinent for women to cover their head with a dupatta.

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